Meeting #2: Poll for the date

Please vote for the date of the next meeting. It will take place at 5PM GMT (like the previous one) unless somebody requests otherwise.

Meeting date
  • 12/02/2021 5PM GMT
  • 13/02/2021 5PM GMT
  • 14/02/2021 5PM GMT
  • 15/02/2021 5PM GMT

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The up-to-date agenda for the meeting is available here

Below, you will find a preview of the agenda for the next meeting. If you’d like to submit a point for discussion, please add it on the agenda in the past.

# Agenda {#agenda}

# Points

In this section, we discuss individual points scheduled in the agenda.

## Progress report {#points-progress}

Before discussing other points, we take a moment to talk about what was achieved since the last meeting. In each subsection, we first address the working group’s backlog from the last meeting, then introduce other initiatives taken by the working group since the last meeting.

### Collective tasks {#points-progress-collective)

In this point, we talk about the collective tasks decided in the last meeting, which were not assigned to specific working groups:

  • publish this meeting’s minutes: done here

  • publish the announcement: done here

  • start a poll for the next meeting’s date: done here

  • prepare the pad for the next meeting, adding points we could not discuss today to the agenda: done

  • list other collectives we’d like to invite to the meeting: WIP

  • prepare a tutorial on how to organize meetings and participate to them: WIP

### Sysadmin Working Group {#points-progress-sysadmin}

Backlog from the last meeting:

  • setup bridging solution proposed by the Bridging Working Group

### Website Working Group {#points-progress-website}

Backlog from the last meeting:

  • open a blog section on the website

  • publish the first meeting meeting, and the announcement for our collective

  • open a microblogging section on the website, and give acces to the Media Working Group

### Translations Working Group {#points-progress-translations}

Backlog from the last meeting:

  • translate these meeting minutes

  • translate the announcement of the collective

  • recruit more translators

### Bridging Working Group {#points-progress-bridging}

Backlog from the last meeting:

  • explore bridging solutions for our multi-user chat

  • make a concrete proposal to the Sysadmin Working Group

### Media Working Group {#points-progress-media}

Backlog from the last meeting:

  • create accounts on Mastodon and Movim, and share credentials

  • obtain credentials from the Website Working Group to publish on website in the microblogging section

  • consider whether we should selfhost our own Movim instance, and if so get in touch with the Sysadmin Working Group

## Recommended servers {#points-servers}

What servers do we recommend? What is the criteria?

Example: Melvin Keskin / XMPP Providers · GitLab (some automatisation like this might be good, although IBR should not be listed so high as in this example.) ← what is IBR?

## Communication {#points-comm}

### joinjabber or joinxmpp? {#points-comm-jabberxmpp}

  • Jabber is trademarked by Cisco and usually associated with the old xmpp of the pre 2010 times or worse some Cisco corporate inhouse chat people dumped for Slack

  • XMPP has a uphill battle against tech people associating it with bad “Jabber” experiences in the past. Hence modern XMPP should distance itself as much as possible from the old Jabber

  • should redirect to not the other way around like it is now

  • is fine for what it is i.e. sharing a link that explains modern xmpp and its clients, actual end-user adoption is driven by client and server recommendations, not so much the protocol

### Upstream news to follow {#points-comm-upstreamnews}

### Useful resources {#points-comm-resources}

What external resources do we want to advertise on our website?

### Website suggestions {#points-comm-websitesuggestions}

# Questions and answers {#questions}

  • How do we avoid becoming a central infrastructure in the ecosystem? How do we prevent ourselves from becoming a Single Point Of Failure, despite providing services for many projects?

  • Do we plan to take an active part in crowdsourcing of features for XMPP servers/clients?